Donations: My appreciation is for my time & companionship only & is non-negotiable. Any disrespectful language or attempt to negotiate will be black listed.

Special Requests: If there is a specific activity you would like to do that requires certain requests please email me prior to meeting! If there’s something sexy you’d like to see me in happy to provide my sizing.

Punctuality: I would ask that you be punctual for our date. Not too early & certainly not running late! I will not extend the duration of our date if you are late, under any circumstances.

Hygiene: Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. I am always immaculately groomed & I ask that you do the same in return. A minty fresh breath is a great ice-breaker!

Fellow companions: I am happy to do reference checking as we are a community & we all need to stay safe. Please email me with the clients phone number, email, details I would remember him by & I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours on business days.

Alcohol: There’s no need to be nervous during our date. If you like, you may bring an unopened beverage of choice, or I can provide one for us to share. I like Red Wine (Pinot Noir my fav) or Champagne. However, if you appear inebriated or disorderly during our date, I will have to end our date immediately for my safety.

Behavior: As with any date with a lady, I expect you to be chivalrous & be a gentleman. Filming: Photographing or filming me is STRICTLY forbidden. No exceptions

Extensions: I certainly don’t blame you for not wanting our time to end! If you would like to extend our date, simply let me know and have the additional appreciation ready. If I have no other commitments conflicting with our time, I am happy to spend more time with you.

My phone number: is reserved for day of logistics & returning clientele. I will respond to all serious inquiries via email within 24 hours or by 10am the following business day. I am happy to discuss any additional questions or requests that you may, after I have safely verified you & a deposit has been received.

Returning clients: For future appointments you may email or text me. Please do not fill out the reservation form again. Absolutely no phone calls, please. Thank you & I look forward to (re)connecting!

Cancellations: I understand life interjects that could result in you canceling our appointment. However, as I have reserved my time & my schedule accordingly, I have a cancellation policy that is non-refundable except appointments canceled within 48 hours of our date will be a generous credit that can be used within a two week grace period to re-book.Canceling within two hours of our scheduled appointment will not be refunded in respect of my time.Same day appointment deposits are non-refundableIf I have to cancel for any reason at any time the deposit will be immediately returned.